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Kissing in Times Square II

Love this photo :) I’m repeating myself but that’s the true. Diz que o marinheiro é português, gosto de pensar que sim!

Vj_day_kissV–J day in Times Square, perhaps the most famous photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt, is of an American sailor kissing a young nurse on V-J Day in Times Square on August 14, 1945, that originally was published a week later in LifeVictory. A two-page spread faces three other kissing poses among celebrators in Washington, D.C., Kansas City, and Miami, Florida opposite Eisenstaedt’s, which is given a full page display. Kissing was a favorite pose encouraged by media photographers of service personnel during the war, but Eisenstaedt was photographing a spontaneous event that occurred in Times Square as the announcement of the end of the war on Japan was made by President Truman at seven o’clock. Similar jubilation spread quickly—with the news. The photograph is known under various names such as V-J day in Times Square and V-Day. magazine among many photographs of celebrations around the country that were presented in a twelve-page section called

Because Eisenstaedt was photographing rapidly changing events during the V-J celebrations he didn’t have an opportunity to get the names and details. The photograph does not clearly show the faces of either person involved in this embrace and several people have laid claim to being the subjects. The photograph was shot just south of 45th Street looking north from a location where Broadway and Seventh Avenue converge. Soon afterward, throngs of people crowed into the square and it became a sea of people.” in Wikipedia


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